Seller: Jamie Chapman
State: California
City: Chico
Zip code: 95969
Type: Animals

Stretch is a black, neutered male, German Shepherd mix. He is a wonderful dog; great with children, adults, other dogs, has been fine with our cats but if they will run from him he likes to chase them, he has been fine with our chickens (actually he has been keeping critters from getting them!) but he has only been around them while they were in their coop and chicken yard. He has a great personality and is an energetic 6 year old. I would love to find him a home with someone who has the time to walk/run him often. He is potty trained and likes to be inside, but he is used to being outdoors as well. He is scared of thunderstorms and gunshots, so during bad weather he'd need to be kept inside. He does well on and off leash and knows basic commands...he is smart and willing to learn more!! He is has been a loved family member and well cared for, but due to changes in living situation, we must find him a better home than we are able to provide him. I accept text messaging on my phone :) Thank you.